849,634 pounds (424 Tons) were refurbished, re-used, re-marketed or recycled in 2018!

Equipment Donations

Arizona Schools & Non-Profits

In 2018, AZ StRUT refurbished and donated 5705 computers to Arizona schools and nonprofit organizations. This included 2461 laptops and 2689 desktops with the remaining items being servers, Imacs, Macbooks, Ipads, tablets and gaming systems. AZ StRUT also donated LCD monitors, switches, routers, rack systems, smart boards, LCD projectors and printers. The total value of the equipment donated was over $626,080. This was done in partnership with over 700 students at 14 AZ StRUT refurbishing schools where the students are learning computer maintenance and refurbishing skills.

Techie Camps

In 2018, AZ StRUT delivered 46 Techie Camps that served 488 girls and boys. This year AZ StRUT will continued to deliver additional Techie Camps involving laptops, Apple devices and gaming machines. By participating in the four hour Techie Camps, students acquired valuable, marketable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills, while also acquiring workplace skills, including teamwork, accountability, and communication skills.

The Techie Camps teach students how a computer or other device works and the impact of software on the operations of the computer/device. Students disassemble working hardware and reassemble the equipment while learning the functionality and how it interacts with the other components. Students configure operating systems and learn how it controls the device. Typical camps allow the Title 1 students to take a computer/device home to enhance their educational pursuits.
Chromium Project

In 2018, AZ StRUT started our Chromium STEM partnership with Cartwright School District. We supported 6 STEM teachers in delivering our Techie Camp curriculum to 378 six grade Title I students. We have delivered approximately 200 computers to these students. We will be continuing this through this school year.

IT Fundamentals

In 2018, AZ StRUT started our IT Fundamentals Lab partnership with Focus Employment at our Mesa location and our new lab at Tarver Learning Center in partnership with the City of Phoenix. We are supporting 2 groups of re-careering adults as they prepare for a new IT career. We have had a total of 18 participants, 5 have completed and passed the IT Fundamentals certificate. 5 have earned a computer to continue their educational efforts.

Circular Economy Efforts

AZ StRUT supports a community commitment to reach a greener future. In 2018 849,634 pounds (424 Tons) were refurbished, re-used, re-marketed or recycled.

  • Refurbished:
    39 tons of electronics were refurbished and donated to Arizona schools and non-profits.
  • Reused:
    154 tons of electronics not needed for Arizona schools and non-profits found another useful life.
  • Recycled:
    231 tons of obsolete and non-repairable electronic waste was responsibly recycled, according to the national Responsible Recycling (R2) Certification Program.

Certification Scholarships

As part of AZ StRUT’s on-going program to promote and improve STEM education and skills for Arizona students, A+ Certification Scholarships were awarded to 12 AZ StRUT students in 2018. We started our IT Fundamentals scholarship with 5 students!