annual report

2018 Annual Report

849,634 pounds (424 Tons) were refurbished, re-used, re-marketed or recycled in 2018! Equipment Donations Arizona Schools & Non-Profits In 2018, AZ StRUT refurbished and donated 5705 computers to Arizona schools and nonprofit organizations. This included 2461 laptops and 2689 desktops with the remaining items being servers, Imacs, Macbooks, Ipads, tablets and gaming systems. AZ StRUT also [...]

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2014 Annual Report

We recycled over 100 Tons of electronic waste in 2014. In 2014, at least 3085 computers were refurbished and donated to 39 Arizona Schools and 36 non-profit organizations. Our Techie Camp program teaches middle school students how a computer works and the impact of software on the operations. Students disassemble a working computer, and reassemble the computer while learning what [...]

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