Techie Lab

We have been partnering with Arizona schools since 1998.

We provide these educational programs with hardware to facilitate a better hands-on learning experience to compliment the school's STEM curriculum. Yes, the students in these programs earn, build a refurbished computer to take home as a part of this partnership.

For questions about Techie Labs, contact Rich Ence:

A+ Certification

School/Organization Since
Red Mountain High School 1998
Mesa High School 1998
East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) 1998
Metro Tech High School 1999
Mountain View High School 2002
Westwood High School 2002
Mesa Community College 2002
Maricopa High School 2010
Dobson High School 2014
Eduprize High School 2021
Cactus High School 2021
ALA Applied Technologies High School 2022
Eastmark High School 2022
South Mountain Community College 2022
Hope Academy High School 2023

IT Fundamentals

School/Organization Since
FOCUS Employment Services at AZ StRUT 2010
Desert Sands Middle School 2018
Marc T. Atkinson Middle School 2018
Raul H. Castro Middle School 2018
16 Cartwright Elementary Schools 2018
Fresh Start Women’s Foundation 2018
Carson Junior High School 2022
Smith Junior High School 2022
Summit Junior  School 2022
Maricopa Wells Middle School 2023
Justine Spitalny STEAM School 2023