Techie Lab

We have been partnering with Arizona schools since 1998.

We provide these educational programs with hardware to facilitate a better hands-on learning experience to compliment the school's STEM curriculum. Yes, the students in these programs earn, build a refurbished computer to take home as a part of this partnership.

For questions about Techie Labs, contact Rich Ence:

Techie Labs: A+ Certification & IT Fundamentals

Lab Objective School/Organization Since Current Enrollment
A+ Certification East Valley Institute of Technology 1998 89
A+ Certification Gilbert High School 1998 96
A+ Certification Mesa High School 1998 38
A+ Certification Red Mountain High School 1998 18
A+ Certification Metro Tech High School 1999 28
A+ Certification Mesa Community College 2002 92
A+ Certification Mountain View High School 2002 12
A+ Certification Westwood High School 2002 26
A+ Certification College America 2009 23
A+ Certification Maricopa High School 2010 94
A+ Certification Dobson High School 2014 49
A+ Certification Career Success High School 2015 22
A+ Certification Skyline High School 2015 42
IT Fundamentals AZ StRUT Mesa 2010 8
IT Fundamentals Fresh Start 2018 12
IT Fundamentals Tarver Learning Center 2018 5
IT Fundamentals Glenn L. Downs 2018 28
IT Fundamentals Desert Sands 2018 24
IT Fundamentals Marc T Atkinson 2018 25
IT Fundamentals Raul H. Castro 2018 23
Total 754